How can I tell if something is replica Chanel?


While Chanel cannot give out exact details regarding how to tell genuine Chanel products apart from replicas because that information would be used by counterfeiters to further mislead people, there are ways that you can protect yourself. If a product bearing the Chanel name or CC Monogram is advertised as being of “AAA” or “7 star” quality, the product is typically fake and illegal to sell.

Above all, if the deal is too good to be true you are probably being sold a replica handbag. The only way you can be certain you are buying a real Chanel product is to buy it from an authorized CHANEL retailer. When you buy from an unauthorized dealer, you could be buying a counterfeit.

As much as Chanel would like to help the victims of counterfeiting, Chanel cannot get back money that was paid to a counterfeiter or repair counterfeit products. However, Chanel regularly investigates and sues counterfeiters. In this way, Chanel is helping existing and future victims of counterfeiting.