The Hottest Bagz Replica Chanel Store

Offering to ship worldwide and accepting Visa and Mastercard, sold many different styles of “seven star grade” replica Chanel handbags and replica Chanel wallets. Among the items offered were a replica Chanel Cambon long wallet black with white CC monogram for $99.00, a Chanel replica orange mesh handbag for $159, a replica black Chanel billfold for $79, black Chanel crossword Cambon Camelia for $149 and a Chanel metallic bowling bag, blue for $259. All items were offered for sale under a site banner which read “Satisfy your luxurious cravings and save up to 80%.”


Some people say counterfeiting is a "victimless crime", but that is not so. Counterfeiters, like those engaged in the sale of replica Chanel handbags and watches, exploit people, including children, and profit illegally from the sale of fake items. Counterfeiting has been traced to numerous illegal activities, including prostitution, drug trafficking, money laundering, and terrorism.

Also not true is that you are getting a real good deal when you buy a replica Chanel handbag. While real Chanel bags looks great year after year, replica bags are made with much lower quality materials and without the craftsmanship that goes into real Chanel handbags. Due to their lower quality materials and construction standards, replica bags will need to be replaced over and over again as the stitching comes undone, the straps break and the colors fade.